Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to My Darling!

Once upon a time he was someone else's little boy. I'm so glad she shares him with me. (Thanks, Mom.)

I did not bake a pie, though I still intend to (maybe Thursday...), instead I think I shall whip up a coffee cake to enjoy when he and the kids return home from an outing to the bowling alley. I wonder if he will decide to go on being forty-six or start going backward instead along with me...


  1. I love that picture.
    Happy Birthday, James!

  2. Happy Birthday to Martha's Darling!!

  3. What a precious picture.... Well if he doesn't start going backwards, you will end up being married to an OLD man! ha ha ha.

    Happy Birthday "Darling"

  4. Happy belated birthday. Hope it was good.