Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cowboys and Bean Burritos

On the way home from the hospital the other day, we made a stop in Walmart where we saw the cutest cowboy in the entire west! (Or east for that matter...) You should hear him "ki yi yippy yippy yi yippy yay!" He was so cute we took him home with us. (Yes, I bought him a hat. This grandma rarely indulges in the pleasure of buying gifts for little people, but this seemed a golden opportunity.)

James suggested stopping for a taco while we were out yesterday, but I went over to my mom's and got a burrito instead. It was soft, warm, and slightly sour smelling. I unwrapped it and took a look inside. After the offensive odor was removed I wrapped it back up tight. Lucky I know a thing or two about burritos. I found it very nice to sit on the couch and hold the little bundle in my arms. I think he likes me. :)


  1. I held him twice yesterday, but he cried for his mommy. He was rooting and I had nothing to offer. I don't think he likes me very much. ;)

  2. That's a handsome little cowboy. He likes me! When I walked into Mom's yesterday, I walked up to Lucas and asked him if he had a new baby. He looked at him laying in his mommy's arms, and pointed. It was cute.

  3. How the cowboy hat. He may need a rubber band gun. (ha ha

    And that baby....oh to just sit on the couch and hold and love on him.

    We was looking adoringly at you.

  4. I never even thought of the guns! Yeah, we just might need to find him one of those somewhere...

  5. That is one darling cowboy! :)

    Martha, you are too funny! Love the burrito analogy. hee. What a sweetie. I haven't held a newborn in a long time. Aww...better wait for grandkids at this stage! haha.