Friday, April 09, 2010

It Isn't Just for Breakfast?

So, what do you eat for breakfast? Does coconut cream pie make a good breakfast? No? How about cake? It has fruit cocktail in it... and 2 cups of sugar. Well, I decided to make myself some scrambled eggs today and topped my toast with apple butter. Better than pie or cake, I suppose.

Some of my usual breakfasts-
1. Rice Chex with bananas and raisins (or fresh blueberries)
2. Oatmeal with milk, butter, and brown sugar
3. Eggs and toast
4. gluten-free waffles (though I don't think I can afford to be gluten-free)
5. Cream of rice fixed like oatmeal
6. Bananas and Clementines

I do like a cup of coffee sometimes (it's always sneaking back) or a cup of tea with a half spoon of sugar stirred in. Once in a great while I have some orange juice.


  1. Looks like I could enjoy breakfast with you any morning.

    My hubby loves omelets, so a couple of times a week I will fix a spinach omelet with onions, bell peppers, and a little jack cheese.

    Oatmeal is a favorite of ours too.

    But.....if I have left over pie, or cobbler...that's a good choice too.

  2. Pizza! leftover pizza is the best.
    cold leftover lasagna is second best.

    This morning I had steel cut oats with butter.

    Papa had a breakfast smoothie.

  3. IMO nothing beats a Einstein Bros poppyseed bagel for breakfast. On Saturdays I often make fried eggs , hash browns, bacon and toast for us. Our Sunday AM staple is Belgian Waffles.

  4. Rarely will I cook breakfast. Usually it's cereal and some sort of fruit along with it. If I have a day at home, I may, just may make eggs of pancakes. yummmm