Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smiling Faces

So I have taken a stab or two at photographing slides and come to the conclusion that I need sunlight. Once in a while one turns out clean and clear (like this one), but mostly
they look yellow and fuzzy.
So, this is/was my big brother and this is my parent's front yard. It makes me smile because Mom still lives here today and photographs show just how much everything has changed. The carport in the background is an enclosed room and Mom's sidewalk was taken out years ago... And, of course, the people have changed too. Oh, some, like Mom, are still there but many folks have come and gone through the years including my big brother. I wonder how his reunion with Dad went?


  1. Martha, if it was my dad and me, I know where we'd be. Out on the everlasting river fishing for golden bass and trout!

  2. He's wearing Daddy's hat! That's why he's smiling. I think maybe they're making music together...

  3. I'm sure their reunion was very exciting! I wish I could have had a glimpse of dad seeing his brother, Dan, his parents, mom's parents, and so many others.

  4. Photos are so wonderful for bringing back good memories.

    That is SO cool, taking photos of slides! Just noticed though, that one might need to be careful about what's the front and back of the slide. I enlarged the photo of you to see how clear they turn out, and noticed the words of the book are backwards.

    I will definitely be trying this with some of the gajillion slides at my mom's! Let us know if you have any more pointers.

  5. He's got Grandpa's hammer too. Just like Josh, wanting to be just like his Daddy.

  6. Joeks, you are absolutely right. That photo of me with the kitten (in the previous post) is backward. I normally watch to see the placement of furniture and stuff. How did I miss that?

    Pointer, find out if your camera has a macro setting, that way you can get as close as possible.