Saturday, November 28, 2009

Out and About

After getting my hair cut this morning, I stopped by Rachel's house. She happened to mention taking a ride out to the Craft and Antique Co-op and I thought maybe she had read my mind. I think maybe it's becoming an unspoken holiday tradition with us. We walk around looking at the booths and displays, leave with little to nothing, and buy a Frosty at Wendy's on the way home.

I had to smile when Rachel was going through the checkout. One of the women wrapping purchases on the next register looked very much like some of the people in some prints and paintings we had just looked at. Of course, many artists paint and sculpt figures that look very much like themselves and Diann Dengel is no exception. Her paintings always make me smile. I do believe the figures in this display are also her creations. How fun it must be to see these people and animals take shape.


  1. Nice to have a family tradition that is just assumed and not questioned. I like those best.

  2. I love going there and browsing this time of year. Thanks for being my company today. :)

  3. Reading you post, makes me miss my sister, Donna. We use to love doing things like that!

    I got a haircut yesterday~

  4. Sounds like a pleasant way to spend the day!
    I got my hair cut on Friday :)

  5. I had never heard of Diana Dingle and clicked on your link and found this~Dianne wishes to thank everyone for their support and prayers as she continues her battle against Ovarian Cancer.

    I miss traditions, they are what makes holidays so lonely now. I miss the times when I started baking in November. Making Aunt Winnie's noodles 12 egg yolks, 2 whole eggs and flour to roll paper thin and slice the width of toothpicks. I always froze them and used for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Then Aunt Winnie's recipe for cranberry sauce that even children love. I still have it in her own handwriting.

    Enjoy the times in which you are now living. I am glad you had a happy day with Rachael.

  6. Twenty-some years ago we would go to a local craft sale where Diann would be selling her prints. It was fascinating to watch her paint with bits of rolled up newspaper and her fingers. Her paintings always make me smile. Our downstairs powder room is a rather dilapidated little place but with a Diann Dengel print hanging on the wall, it is a little bit brighter.

    Joy, my favorite mother in law makes some mighty good noodles too. I have never tried it myself but maybe one day I will feel brave and stake a stab at it.

  7. And, yes, Diann has been fighting cancer for several years now.