Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Marble Game

Every night before going to bed Mom and Dad played "The Marble Game". Dad had never been a big fan of board games, but somehow he came to enjoy playing this one which is really just a variation of Parcheesi or Aggravation. Mom and Dad had played the game with some friends and had such fun that one Christmas Dad decided to make each of us a game board too. The boards were unpainted with holes drilled where the marbles moved around. Priscilla took to painting some of them, including Mom and Dad's. They are beautiful.

One night in September, when I stayed over with Mom and Dad, I took their picture playing the game. They always sat in the same place, always played until one of them won two rounds, and always had a little bit of ice cream to eat afterward. (Or was it before?) Two weeks later Dad was too sick to play Marbles anymore. I'm glad I took the picture.


  1. Me too. It's strange to look at the picture and realize that he was gone just a few weeks later.

    I'm glad that you took a lot of pictures. You are so much better about that than I am.

  2. I couldn't bear to take any pictures of him in his final days looking so much thinner than ever. I'm glad you did though.

  3. You parents have left a wonderful legacy in your family. It is so wonderful that you love and show your appreciation for and to them.

    There are so many children today who think only of what their parents aren't doing for them and never realize that parents have needs too. That the child is what they are today in large measure due to the type of parenting they had.

  4. Martha, I love the picture. It so warms my heart.

    And Joy, what a way she has with words. I think her comments and picture are a perfect pair.

    The lighting and shadows in the photo are marvelous. Love is obvious in it.