Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'll Take a Vanilla Frosty

Thick frost coated the world this morning. I neglected to think ahead and, when I went out the door to take the girls to preschool, found my van in need of a good dose of sunshine. I started the engine before rearranging the car seats and luckily the windshield was clear by the time I had the girls out of the house and buckled into their seats. Only the back and side windows needed scraping.

Although my mind is getting prepared for winter, my hands are not. The freezing temperatures and icy door handles send a burning pain through my fingers. The thought crossed my mind that a cold Hell could be just as much a torment as a burning one. I pulled on my warm alpaca mittens before putting my hands on the cold steering wheel. By the time I dropped the girls off and came out of the building, my van was frost free. Maybe next time I'll try parking where the morning sun can reach the glass.


  1. I read the first words and knew... Oh Martha you poor hands! Thank goodness for Andrea's talents and Alpaca ... fur? :)