Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Old Stories

I sneaked another peak at one of Dad's old diaries last night and found he had been hospitalized as a teenager because of some abnormality with his heart. He spent a week in the hospital while they ran tests and did x-rays and another week in bed at home, after which this entry was recorded in his diary...

Wed. December 1, 1948- "The doctor came to see me and told me I can't go hunting, tramping, take gym, play mouthorgan, work, and just about anything else for a few months."

Ten days later was this entry...

"Sat. December 11, 1948- "This afternoon Arthur (his brother) and I went out to Victor in the Model A and started home after dark. On our way home we decided to follow the unfinished Cloverleaf highway (dirt and high). We rode a few miles going about 50 or more when we came terribly near to going off a high drop-off onto a railroad track where they're going to put a bridge in. Arthur swerved the car around on two wheels, blew a front tire, crashed through a pile of iron bars and tore one running board in two. If we'd gone over the bank we wouldn't have had a chance. When we got home Mother, Dad, and I went to a show and saw "Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid" and "A Southern Yankee".

So much for taking it easy!

Whenever Dad told this story I could see him heave a sigh, shake his head, and wonder in disbelief that he and his brother survived so many boyhood antics. He never laughed when he told this story.

Note- As best I can tell the "Cloverleaf Highway" refers to Interstate 90.


  1. I don't think I ever heard him tell this one. Between his Polio, his huge ulcer, his heart, and his "boyhood antics", he's fortunate to have lived to 77 yrs.

  2. Not to mention gastritis with duodenal ulcers...

  3. I don't remember this story either.

  4. This was a story I only heard a couple of times and only in recent years. Priscilla, look at the Auburn Trail in your Rochester area "Take a Hike" book. There is a place where the old railroad bed goes under I-90. I think this must be where it all happened. Want to go for a walk?

  5. I wanna go for a walk there! :)

  6. I wouldn't think of going without you, Rachel!

  7. Oh I would love to join you girls.

    I love that your dad kept a diary. My kids will someday read mine.

    Love the photo too.