Thursday, October 08, 2009

Field Trip

Back in September I signed up to go on a field trip with the preschool class. Today was the big day and we headed off to the farm market in Sodus. It didn't rain this year like it did last, instead it was bright and sunny, a wonderful field trip day!

First we walked out into the orchard and picked some apples. Each child was given a drawstring plastic bag to fill with apples. There were red apples, yellow apples, and green apples, and although Mrs. K. hoped for a blue apple, there were none to be found. (Reminds me somewhat of a small boy who was once terribly upset because there were no purple chickens...) Guess we'll have to keep our eyes open on that one.

Apple orchards and farm markets are two of my favorite fall places so this was a great field trip for me. I still hope to take the girls out one day this month, maybe to another farm market, the fish hatchery, or to feed the birds. I'm not sure if it will really happen before the weather turns cold, but I can always hope.

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  1. sniff ... sniff?? Do I smell apple crisp???
    looks like you had a great time, I love preschoolers, WAIT! I so did not say love kids! However, if I was going to take a kid anywhere it would be more fun if it was a preschool kid. There, that should shore up my rep for not liking kids. :) hugs.