Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Different Kind of Day

Today was Easter Sunday, yesterday was my birthday. I was born on Palm Sunday forty-four years ago and recall only one other year when my birthday fell on this particular holiday. I was in second grade (I think). My dear daughter, Bethany, thought we should have a gathering. James figured Sunday was the better day. I wasn't sure whether I was cooking an Easter dinner or a birthday dinner...

I didn't get to church this morning. Hannah has had a sore throat for the past couple of days so I stayed home and fed her tea and Popsicles. We read the last two chapters of Matthew together. The rest of the family came around 1:30 pm and we had a lovely ham dinner with mashed potatoes and asparagus. (I made squash too but it didn't taste like it should have.) Bethany brought a beautiful cake and so later on we had cake and ice cream. Ben almost missed out because we counted wrong, eight instead of nine. Luckily we realized we were short one...

It was a nice day.


  1. Ham with potatoes and asparagus was what we had also! Glad you had a nice day. Anxiously waiting on puppy's name....

  2. Happy Birthday Martha!

    I hope Hannah's sore throat is better soon.

  3. You know, I frequently amazed at the similarities we share,some of my dishes and glasses are like yours. Get well Hannah.

  4. Oh, happy belated b-day!!!!
    And I hope Hannah is feeling better.

  5. The dinner sounds yummy.

    I hope Hannah's feeling better too, and I hope no one else gets sick!