Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Learning to Wait

Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: Psalm 37:7a

Years ago I prayed for patience. I know people say patience is a dangerous thing to pray for, but I figured it was something that God really wanted me to have, and so I asked Him for patience. He continues to answer that prayer in many ways. Only God knows how impatient I really am. I've been told I must have the patience of a saint, but I don't often feel saintly.
Last night my husband and I went out to look at a puppy. Suffice it to say, we were both disappointed. The puppy was cute and very much in need of love, but it was one of those "red flag" situations and neither of us felt comfortable paying a large sum of money to this particular breeder. We went away sad for the puppy but content with our decision.
I keep telling myself to let go of the situation and just wait on the Lord. He brought Ellie to us when we were least expecting it, taught us both some valuable lessons, and He knows both what we want and need. He also knows what is best for us and those we love. Can I rest and wait patiently? Am I willing to sit and be still? Do I really believe He knows and will do what is best? I'd like to think I am willing but I often find myself stubbornly impatient.


  1. What a cute puppers you have in that picture!

    I'm sorry that you were disappointed last night, but glad you are waiting on God for the right one. For all the money, you surely don't want one with potential problems due to lack of socialization or whatever else.

  2. Trying to be patient gives me a severe headache.

  3. In His perfect timing!!
    Yes, wait and see....

    Nice photo btw. So 'out of the life of Martha'.... ;-)

  4. My husband prayed for humility - and that is REALLY a prayer to be careful of! He's getting it slowly and surely, but being a stubborn one, it is pretty painful.

    Good luck with the puppy. And sorry for the disappointment. I've been in that position and your mouth is just watering, almost, at the anticipation. Hard to wait!

  5. Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: Psalm 37:7a

    Thanks, that is a good reminder. It's not easy to be patient but nice to know we can rest and know that He is busy doing things for us even when we are unaware.

    I am sure He has a great puppy planned for your family.

  6. Jasmine was having a hard time waiting too. She really wanted my animal crackers. Can you tell?

  7. Patience can be so hard because the Lord's timeline and plan can be VERY different from ours. What I love, though, is that sometimes he answers my prayers so much later that I've forgotten that I asked him in the first place! But he never forgets. He knows if and when the time is right.

    Have a great day!

  8. "What I love, though, is that sometimes he answers my prayers so much later that I've forgotten that I asked him in the first place!"

    Kristen,not long ago I actually prayed for the dog pictured here. She got a piece of bone stuck in her digestive tract back in January, lost her little friend in February, and was just generally sad and uncomfortable. Lately she has been her happy self again. Last night I remarked to my husband how I had forgotten about my prayer for this silly dog and yet God had answered. (Yes, I did remember to say "thank you".)

  9. Hi there...I am glad you are waiting also..and what a wonderful photo of your Jasmin...she is such a beautiful dog..and your place..the whole photo is shows sooo much in it...Love, in the eyes of the dog...loving family activity in the abounds in this photo..the toys..changing of the babe..the love in the dogs eyes..and just a wonderful shot.
    ...and did you know some of the most amazing dogs in this world have come from some of the shelters..have you been there?

  10. Oh my, it is a darling picture and you have written your story with conviction. I have to agree with some of your other freinds ~~ In His time - He makes althings beautiful ~~ including a new pet.