Friday, March 14, 2008

A Grand Baby!

Becoming a grandmother has been an interesting experience. Just about one year ago I learned my daughter and her husband were expecting a baby. It was somewhat surreal. This young woman had been our little baby not so long ago. How could she be mommy already? I flashed back to my own experience becoming a mother and how it must have affected my parents. Mine was not the ideal situation that my own daughter had... I watched my daughter's face become pale as the sickness of pregnancy set in. I had never really been ill with any of my children, so I wasn't quite sure how to help her or even how to relate. As Bethany's belly began to grow, the reality of this new little person began to set in. Almost before I knew it, Adam was calling from the hospital to tell us that our new grandson had arrived. As I gazed upon this little life swaddled in a blanket in the hospital bassinet, I felt a renewed sense of awe. Each time he comes to visit I am once again amazed at the incredible gift of God that children are. As this little one looks into our faces, smiles at our silly baby talk, and snuggles in our arms, I thank God again for this new blessing. A new life ready to experience the wonder of creation. A fresh little person to remind me to look at the world through the eyes of a child.


  1. I know what you mean. I am sure I will feel the same once/if I become a grandma. I hope so! I love babies!
    He is really a beautiful boy! And he looks so happy and content.

  2. I remember telling you... And I think it was exactly a year ago! A couple days before Adam's birthday, I was feeling sooo sick. I was going to wait to tell you till your birthday, but I just couldn't keep it in!

    The miracle of life... It really hits me sometimes. Amazing.

  3. Oh Martha ~~ it's the best title we can have to be called Grandma, Nanny, GG, Oma, what ever they decide to call us it's precious!!
    Every time you post Joshua, I get more excited about my little Issac and getting to spend time with him. Today my daughter (the grandma) held the phone up to his ear so I could goo goo and gaw gaw at him, and for the first time he made noises back to me. He's 8 mos. now and changing every day.!!

    Sorry ~~I'm rambling ~~~ the grandma thing got to me :)

  4. He does look like a very curious little fellow. I bet he's lots of fun to be with. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's so interesting to learn about life experiences from people who have different ones than our own. :o)

  5. I get the sense you are a proud grandma! He is a doll!