Thursday, January 07, 2016

The Neutralization

The Naughties went in for "minor adjustments" early yesterday morning. Secured inside a small kennel together for transport, one of them yowled a time or two on the way practically scaring me out of my skin, but over all the ride to and from the vet went smoothly. When I returned in the evening and told the receptionist I was there to pick up The Naughties, she smiled and said, "Oh, they're not naughty."

I was told they did well, and one of the girls remarked on how she didn't think they'd stopped purring all day. They'd been playing together and grooming each other and generally making themselves endearing. How could anyone ever think them naughty? But "naughty" doesn't mean not lovable and so the not-so-terrible two have been officially been dubbed "The Naughty One" and "Naughty Too". I think I've been forgiven because one is purring by my side as I type.

Now I have to recover from the bill. Do you think a gofundme page for cats is a bad idea? I kid, really I do... kind of. 


  1. I read you Martha. Molly budget is bigger than mine. Every time she has to go to the Vet, we spend more than my perm and pedicure. What we do for the "Naughties" in our life. I need a grooming this month. HaHa.

    1. We don't qualify for the "low income" programs now that our kids are grown and between work and the holidays, I didn't get them to any of the rabies clinics. I'm hoping they don't need to go back for a very long time. So much for me going to the doctor any time soon.

  2. I feel your pain!
    Vets are soooo expensive...
    My kids are going thru some big expenses lately with a couple of their cats...
    Oh the price of having a warm lap!!
    Linda :o)

    1. Yeah. Good thing they're cute.