Saturday, January 09, 2016

505 Southwestern

We have made a delicious discovery. The new Costco in Rochester,NY is selling 505 Sauce!!! We are blessed on two counts. One is the green chile sauce and the other is the son now living in our home, who works at Costco and can bring his favorite mom a big jar of green chile sauce when she asks sweetly.

The last time I bought 505 Sauce we were in the 505 area code (New Mexico) in 2006 and I packed two unopened jars in my suitcase. The airline, sweethearts that they are, decided to look through my bag and open a jar of sauce. It was all over my clothes, cold, wet, and looking like someone had barfed in my bag. (Really. Check #10 on the list here.) Kind of lost my appetite for the second jar after that, but fast forward 9 years and 505 is tasting pretty good all over again. So good on potatoes. Spicy!!!

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