Friday, January 22, 2016

Ben's Pictures

My son Ben has been posting a picture to Facebook every once in a while. He is able to see the beauty in what some might consider ugly.

One of Ben's great loves is cars. Knowing makes, models, and years of cars comes almost too naturally to Ben. Years ago he would ask, "Mom! What kind of car is that?" and if I happened to see that car he was asking about, I  might answer "blue" because chances are I had no idea.

Ben works as a parts manager at a local collision shop so it's no surprise that cars often show up in his photos. More and more often I find myself taken in by the pictures he posts. He has a natural eye for finding and capturing the moment and I'm blessed  by his perspective.


  1. He has your eye for photography. Great shots, Ben.

  2. nothing is ugly if you look at things correctly

    1. Not even a junk yard or the lot of a collision shop.

    2. I wouldn't call this ugly, it's arty!