Monday, January 04, 2016

Monday, Monday

Today's amazing accomplishments included
- placing an online order for a few photo books
- ordering lunch to pick up on my way to work (Panera Bread)
- mailing a Christmas package to Jim and Michele (They're home now...)
- dropping off Jim and Michele's gifts to Bethany

It also included a call to the Cabinet Maker who was kind enough to go shopping for a birthday present. Joe turned 28 today. Oh, yeah. And I went to work.

Happy Birthday, Josiah!

#9  a heated vehicle on a very cold morning
#10  mittens
# 11  the postal service
# 12  an empty parking space at work


  1. Martha, I love that you are counting blessings again. I'm counting answered prayers, but some are too personal to list. God is doing a work in our family...we have far to go, but to see several really growing in the Lord and bold in their faith is so rewarding to me and Dad....We will keep on praying our prayer cards. And you and your family are on one of those cards. Hugs and love forever.

    1. God is never finished even when we feel hopeless and discouraged. I love how He brings people into our lives to love, encourage, and pray for each other. Sometimes theyou are next door and sometimes they are all the way across the world or country. Thank you for being one of those people. I love you!!!

    2. Love you too Martha. Wish you could make another trip to So CA. I was looking at the picture of us on my refrigerator and thinking how blessed we are to have met.

    3. It's not altogether impossible. Maybe I'll show up again one day.