Monday, January 11, 2016

Life and Death, and Hard Goodbyes

The Memory Care Unit is a little sadder today... Saying goodbye isn't ever easy, especially when the ones leaving are deeply loved. One of the favorite members left early Sunday morning. If there was a staff sweetheart, Leelee was the one. She left behind some precious memories and a lot of red-rimmed eyes.

Another sweet soul is making ready for her impending journey but waiting on her daughter who flies into town today. Spunky. That is how I would describe this one. Although I haven't known her long, we've shared many meals around a small circular table in the dining room. Her caretakers were my first friends here...

My own friend has the upper respiratory ailment working its way through the facility. She appears much stronger than many of the residents but one never really knows what a day will bring. Just when I thought my own mom was on the road to recovery, she took an unexpected turn and left us. No one has the absolute guarantee of tomorrow. Not even me.

Photos aren't loading here. Maybe I'll add one when I get home tonight.

#17  new opportunities to learn
#18  a tender heart
#19  tears
#20  pizza out with Hannah and Sergio


  1. It's always sad. It makes me think of my dear friend Elizabeth. I miss her so.

    1. The greater the love the more they are missed. Elizabeth was a sweetheart too.