Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Happy New Year!"

That's what it said inside the box containing my friend's "baby".
"A baby in a box?" you ask.
Well, that is what she called it.

It began as an idea and morphed into a dream come true; the bringing together of the Bronx Artists. The work of my friends Daniel Hauben and Judy Lane.

I've watched it develop from a distance; a mention of it in emails. a few photos on Facebook. I even had an invitation (believe it or not) to the reception last year. Of course, New York City is a little far for a day trip, and though I'd have loved to have gone, it didn't happen. However, my socks were blown off yesterday when the book showed up in the mail. Honest! I'm barefoot!

Maybe one day The Grandfather and I will take a vacation and visit the Rembrandt of the Bronx and his lovely wife. It could happen...


  1. that would be one might long day trip

    1. Way too far for just a day. We'd have to make it several.