Friday, August 29, 2014

Today's Accomplishments

The list is short, but I did accomplish something. Hannah and I packed a few rug-rats into the van and headed to Webster. First we stopped at the credit union where we bribed them to be good
with suckers, and they were. Hannah made a deposit and I got a notarized signature which I am told wouldn't hold up in a legal battle. Good thing there won't be any battles. I needed a letter stating that my mother's will did not need be probated. With that accomplished, I sent in the paperwork for three very old life insurance policies. Mom wasn't quite seven when the first was purchased and we don't even know for sure how much any of them are worth.

After the credit union, which I usually call a "bank" but it isn't, we went down to Lake Ontario at Webster Park where the kids stepped in seaweed and braved large rocks while we vainly warned them against venturing into unsafe territory. Thankfully, no one fell, no one was hurt, and no one was arrested for negligence of any kind.

The lake was beautiful. Today's calm was a stark contrast to what must have been a rough surf day or so ago when the lake tossed, turned, and threw an abundance of seaweed onto the shore. We walked out the pier to the light whilst small children darted back and forth, threatening to hang over the railings or splash into the cold water.

On our way back to shore a painter was setting up the tools of his trade. If I were brave, and also alone, I might have stuck around, or at least returned, to see his progress. He had just started when I passed by. I could tell by his brush stokes which were just beginning to give color to the sky.

Back at the creek a little girl was feeding the ducks. She was kind enough to share a bag of crackers with Lucas, Simon, and Aubrey who enjoyed tossing them into the water below the bridge. I'm not entirely sure Hannah was enjoying herself by then. I think she was just tired of telling small children not to do things only to have them either do them anyway or ask, "Why?"

After a stop in the grocery store and a swing by the post office we returned home for lunch. By 3 o'clock the kids were gone and not too much later my cousin Pam and my Aunt Margie stopped by for a visit. Prayers are appreciated for them as they adjust to living in the same house, at least temporarily. *sigh* Why does everyone have to get old?


  1. Sounds like a fun day!

    How's Aunt Margie doing? Is she accepting of living with Pam or is she upset about it? I'll be praying for them. Did I tell you I ran into Debbie (our cousin) last weekend In Uno's Victor when Dave and I were out on a date? She, Joe, and Nick were sitting in a booth not too far from ours and I spotted her and went over to give her a hug. She said that John's in hospice now. He's witnessing to everyone in his final days. Made me teary to hear her talk about him. Pray for him, Aunt Mary, and Uncle Chuck too.

    1. It's hard to watch family grow old, sick, or both, isn't it? It was a good visit and I think Aunt Margie is feeling okay about it. She told Pam it had been a while since they'd stopped over. It's good to know she misses us too.