Thursday, August 14, 2014


I have grandchildren in my house today. They are not quite quiet and tame, rather they are riled and rascally, and in spite of my time of respite with my sister, I do not feel totally prepared to deal patiently with children whose eyes and actions are full of daring and mischief. They are presently attempting to have a bit of rest time while I regroup.

Though it may be that my plate is not near as full as it may have been a year ago, my mind is still full and racing. There is still much to be settled as far as my mother's estate, plenty to be accomplished here at home, and a mind and body that need regular down time (and exercise) in order to function properly. I've missed my Ladies' Prayer and Bible Study the past two Tuesdays and if I am not adamant about being at the next two, they could easily be missed also, and I desperately need them.

I am not very good at saying "no" when asked for my time, and I often mistakenly believe I need an excuse as to why I'm unable, when just saying "I'm not able" should be sufficient. "I can't because..." only leaves room for the other party to come up with a reason why I can or should. *sigh*

There are two weeks left to what we call summer. School starts just after Labor Day and the only thing that will change here, is that I will be putting a girl or two on and off the school bus a few mornings each week. Or maybe I will be... I never really know for sure when or if they will need me, and perhaps it is the "up in the air-ness" that really throws me off. I can be a fly-by-the-seat-of-my pants kind of person, but I don't care to fly by the seat of others' pants.

So, that is my rant for today. I hope you enjoyed your stay, can relate a little to what I'm saying, and found my mountain photos intriguing.


  1. Major hugs my friend. the operative word, no. so elusive.

    1. I love my little ones, I just can't do it every day anymore.