Thursday, August 21, 2014

Awesome or Not

Not one of my most awesomest days. I woke up to a distant thunder and dark clouds, just the kind of weather I love for sleeping. Three grandchildren arrived as soon as I pulled my clothes on, one of whom was pretty sure she needed her mother. Mommy snuggled her onto the couch under a blanket and she didn't fuss. She stayed snuggled there until she had to pee, and then again when her little tummy was feeling sick. I sat on the couch for half an hour with a feverish child snuggled into my shoulder before I was summoned away for one reason or another. (Perhaps that was my most awesome moment...)

We let the boys go out to play on the swings, but they found Grandpa's garden hose instead, turned it on, and soaked each other. Grammy was not at all amused and when I checked for dry clothes, I found that I had sent pretty much everything home with them a week or so ago. After their long sit on kitchen chairs they were permitted to change into swim trunks. ug!

It was a sunshine and rain kind of day and I found myself feeling tired. My nights have been restless lately, and though I slept okay last night (I think), I still crashed on the couch this afternoon. Now if only I can sleep tonight.


  1. ah, the old "cant turn my mind off" trick. me too.

    1. Sometimes a bit of melatonin helps, but I have to remember to take it.