Monday, August 04, 2014


My house is sparkly. My daughter in law (the favorite one) came over to help me clean. I watch her children while she cleans houses, so we made a deal and she helped me clean mine today. I worked on the kitchen, like usual, and cleaned all the counter tops after the excavation process. She did the stuff that I never seem to get to. Well, almost never. I think I rather like this arrangement. Maybe we can do it again sometime.

This afternoon, my sisters and I went to visit that brother of ours. He's always happy to go out for a ride and a Frosty. There were no unexpected surprises this time; no hugs or kisses, no outbursts of laughter. He did a little tongue clicking and smiling at Rachel and a little anxious clapping. He did not appreciate the presence of my camera and therefore there is no wonderful photo of the four of us today. Your stuck with Priscilla and I instead.

PS. Please forgive the word verification I enabled. I've been getting quite a bit of spam lately.


  1. Won't scare me away!
    I had to put mine back on a while ago...and I still get spam!
    Glad you got to see your brother♥️
    Lucky you....a cleaning lady! Hahaha!
    Any rain there?
    Linda :o)

    1. Leta likes to clean and does it with a smile. The kids played on the swings (and in the puddle out in the yard...) and sandbox while we worked inside and kept an eye out the window. Yes, it's rather nice having the cleaning lady for a daughter in law. :0)

      Rain... I saw clouds and sprinkles on the windshield, but we didn't get a downpour where I was. It is, however, quite soggy out there.

      I'm glad to hear you won't be scared away.

  2. Favorite DIL? You're going to start a riot with that statement! haha.
    Nice to have a sparkly house! Mine is not. lol.
    I always enjoy reading about your brother. Glad you got to visit, even with the tongue clicking. Alex slaps his thigh. :)
    Can you sneak a photo with your phone or would he know?

    1. They're ALL my favorite.
      The tongue clicking is usually a good thing, the clapping not so much. He used to do the hand-flapping thing but it was more of a game than a frustration. The clapping sometimes turns into head smacking. That's not so pleasant. Thankfully, it didn't happen today.
      My phone doesn't take pictures.