Friday, September 20, 2013

Something Not Minnesota

I am working on a small afghan, a lap-sized afghan. I am not a big crocheter, in fact I have only done two projects previous to this one. This particular yarn has been hiding in my closet for close to ten years. It's cilantro and a very pretty shade indeed. I'm pretty sure this little blanket is full of "mistakes" but I've torn out rows to fix the ones I saw in time, and I think it's coming along nice. A blanket's job is to keep one warm and this one will do the task just fine.

I've started bringing my porch plants inside for the winter. Although the days have been beautiful, the nights are getting cold. I heard a frost advisory a few days ago and decided not to chance my houseplants' fate. My topless teapot is looking fine and my Moses in the Cradle plant looks quite happy too. My spider plant has been returned to the upstairs hallway, and  there are "a  million" jade plants crowded around my back door.

I'm ready to take My Fancy Schmancy Summertime list down now and put up something new. Perhaps a few of my undone to-do's will end up in a fall list...

PS. Please forgive my long list of posts today. I think I'm about done with my Minnesota trip, except of course, for a post on the pottery guy.


  1. Wow...I sure don't see any's lovely! I love the stitch and the color!

    Doing the same to my list this weekend and writing a new one! :)

    1. Thanks. It really is kind of fun when it gets close to being finished. The last one I did is bright red and has tassels. It's kid size.

  2. Great job, Martha!
    Who says you can't looks perfect!
    Love the color!!!

    Linda :o)

    1. Thank you. I kind of like it myself.
      One of the things I need to look up is how to start a new skein properly. Pretty sure I'm not doing it quite right. Oh, well.

    2. Best to end a row with the old...and then start a new row with the new skein...

    3. That's kind of what I figured, but I've always been in the middle of a row when I make the switch. I'll have to fix that next time. :0)