Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A Wee Watermelon

Watermelons do not grow to gigantic proportions in upstate NY. We are not fooled into thinking that will ever happen, so we attempt the next best thing, Sugar Baby Watermelons. The catch to growing good watermelons, even small ones, is finding a nice spell of good hot weather, more hot weather than we had here this past summer.

In spite of the "not so hot" summer, the water- melon plants in our garden did grow, albeit slowly, a little too slowly. Only one melon grew big enough to give us a bit of hope. It was basketball size. The rest were the size of baseballs, softballs, and tennis balls.

With an optimistic outlook, we sliced into the little beauty. It looked good and thumped "hollow". Hannah managed to open it up without cutting off either her fingers or mine.

We weren't too surprised to find the fleshy part of the fruit a light pink with immature seeds. I think it is pretty in spite of not being quite ripe, and yes, we did taste it too. Had it just soaked up a little more summer it would have been delicious.


  1. Well, it is a lovely shade of pink...and quite cute, too, in it's miniature size!

    1. Yes, I thought so too. Quite pretty! In a miniature kind of way.

  2. Well it sure looks better than mine!
    I guess the raccoon enjoyed his few bites!
    I still had a cantaloupe attached to his vine, so we'll see how he is doing this weekend!!!

    Good job!

    Linda :o)

    1. I think Hannah enjoyed a few bites of watermelon too, but it just didn't have the sugary sweetness we were hoping for.
      I hope your cantaloupe is yummy! Dad used to grow those. Or at least he tried. I can't remember how they turned out because as a kid I hated cantaloupe.