Monday, September 23, 2013


I took Hannah out to riding lessons today and brought my camera along. On the way we bought two one dollar bags of Starlight Peppermints. The horses were excited to have a treat, and even the sheep and calf who were sharing a stall with the miniature horse were eager for the sweets. At one point all three animals had their noses to the bars, hopeful looks in their eyes. It was a Kodak moment. I flipped my camera on and took aim but when I pressed the button, nothing happened. My camera card was home in the printer.


  1. uh oh! haha.

    love the sunflowers, though...I drove past the sunflower farm Sunday and they are in their second bloom! Need to stop for a picture!

    1. This photo is from a trip I took out there last fall, but it seemed appropriate for posting today. :)
      The animal picture will have to stay in my mind, along with the rest of yesterday. It was the perfect day to spend a couple of hours with the horses.