Tuesday, September 03, 2013

H is for Happiness

H is for happiness.

Each morning as I begin my daily routine, I am greeted by a band of smiling frogs who reside on my shower curtain. They're definitely a happy bunch, never groggy or slow at getting started in the morning. They just do what they were meant to do every day and that is to smile. I must admit, I stepped just a tad out of my normal comfort zone when purchasing this particular shower curtain, especially since my children are no longer small, but I had one very encouraging daughter who insisted a splash of color would be fun. She was right.

Just inside the smiling frog curtain is my bottle of body wash. Since showering is also a daily routine, I couldn't resist when when I spotted this body wash while out shopping. Who couldn't do with an extra "Touch of Happiness" slathered upon them each and every day? If it isn't helping, at least it's getting me clean. :)

I once read that we should fill our homes with things that make us smile; photos of loved ones, silly quotes, beautiful paintings... Of course, I know that the abundance of things can never really bring me true happiness, but if they make me smile along the way, the job of being happy feels all that much easier. What do you have that makes you smile? (I mean besides cookies.)

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  1. What do I have that makes me Happy?
    My Forever Home with great fruit trees and the morning sun streaming in my dining room window.
    What do I have that makes me Happy?
    A Husband that loves me and sons, daughter in laws and Grandkids that do too.
    What do I have that makes me happy?
    Eternal Life.
    Nuff said?

    1. Wonderful!
      I have oh so much more than happy frogs and body wash too!
      The list goes on and on.

  2. You are right we should put things in our homes that makes us happy! Fortunately I have many little things which I got from my children. One of them couldn't keep a secret
    . She said: I am not going to tell what you get but it is not a round photo.
    Wil, ABCW Team

    1. Children make me happy too... sometimes. ;)
      And they really do say the darnedest things!

  3. If you take care of all the little things that make you happy the big things will take care of you!

    1. I think if I can find something to smile at and be thankful for each and every day, life will turn out okay. :0)

  4. I am certainly a believer of surrounding yourself with happy things and seeing beauty in the little stuff. I don't' think I could get in the shower with those frogs and that wash and not smile! :)

    a few things...daylight and shadows, coffee, a bird's song, lotion on my feet. :)

    1. Smiling toenails, pumpkins waxing orange, tractors in the orchard, and a trip to Minnesota!

  5. HaHa...Martha, was the cookie statement meant for me?? I have a little wooden sign that says "Here are a few of my Favorite Things" that sits on top of my Hutch. All my nick nacks make me happy. Candles make me happy. Seeing my Journals and Prayer book on the coffee table make me happy. The smells from the kitchen make me happy, and painting my toes a pretty color makes me happy. Knowing my sins are forgiven even though I don't deserve it makes the happiest.

    1. Cookies make everyone happy, don't they?
      Knowing I am forgiven in spite of myself, having hope beyond this life, and hearing God's voice are all reasons to be happy. And though September will always be bittersweet and make me miss my dad, September brings so much to be thankful for and it makes me smile too.

  6. MUSIC! "Happiness runs in a circular motion." - Donovan

  7. What makes me happy?
    Quite a few things actually...
    A phone call from a friend...
    Pulling into the driveway at the cottage...
    A cup of tea with a friend...
    My children and their chosen partners...
    My partner and boyfriend...
    41 years of marriage next Monday...
    And of course...last but not least...
    My wee Vivian...:o)

    Lots of other things as well...
    Not nearly as important as the above..:o)
    Thanks for making me think of these...

    Linda :o)

    1. Linda, I like your list, ad I like how you always refer to your husband as you "boyfriend". Congratulations on 41 years!
      My grandchildren make me smile too.

  8. This post certainly made me smile especially the froggie shower curtain. I should do that sort of thing instead of worrying about what matches.

    abcw team

    1. Leslie, we spray painted an old bookcase a pretty light green along with a very small table/plant stand and they make the bathroom colors match. (I obviously worry too much too.)

  9. I love this post Martha!! My only art in my home is pieces of vintage things I adore or pictures of my family. My Sis is an artist and we have a few of her paintings too. I need that shower curtain in the mornings when I get up at 6:15 to go swim laps.

    1. They are wonderful to wake up to, so long as I remember to see them. :)

      Would love to do more "real" decorating. Maybe one day I will buy a painting from Daniel Hauben...

  10. Your happy frogs match ours, only ours are real and sing at night. They sang non-stop from March to August. They do make me happy because they remind me of our rural-type environment even when it is night.

  11. Besides cookies? Tough question.
    Just looking at our dog Lindy makes me happy, even though there's a touch of sadness now that she's losing her eyesight. It's harder on us than it is on her, because she's still a happy girl.
    I just realized it's been ages since I visited your blog. Nice to see you again. And I'm going to try to find some of that Nivea body wash, it sounds wonderful.