Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A little Bit of Nothing and a Minnesota Post Too

Today I wrote a card to Martin's sister and left it in her door along with a few photos of Jazz. I picked up some medicine for my cat at the vet, and bought a bag of apples, a few peaches, and a small box of prunes on the way home. I keep thinking I might make some cookies, but so far none have materialized. It's nice outside, but we are inside instead. I'm not sure why.

The other night My Darling heard a noise coming from the dishes stacked in my dish drainer. It was a tapping, fluttering kind of sound, almost like a mouse in the wall, except it wasn't coming from the wall. James slowly started unstacking dishes while I watched with trepidation. I thoroughly expected to find a rodent hiding in there, but instead we found a shiny, green dragonfly. Surprise!


While in Minnesota we had a chance to attend the Ren- aissance Festival in Shakopee. Believe it or not, I had never experienced a Renaissance Festival. Even though there is a festival each summer just an hour from home, it was a new adventure. There were plenty of sights and sounds to make one blush, yet I still found it to be a magical land of whimsy and imagination, almost like a life-size fairy garden.

When given the oppor- tunity to be sprinkled with Fairy Dust, along with two small friends, I said "yes!" The result was a glittering grin and several days of finding sparkles on everyone I touched. Even the baby ended up glittering and he didn't go to the festival.

We perused the shops, feasted on turkey legs, and watched a half naked man do pottery. Hannah rode a camel, we tested the Sky Chairs, and tasted some honey sticks. Here and there one of our party was taken in by a vendor and we all went away smiling. It was a fun afternoon and I think I just might have to make myself a real fairy garden next spring.

I learned a few things about Ren- aissance Festivals. Turkey legs are too big to eat in one sitting. A large Ziploc bag should be kept handy for storing the remains, unless you care to share with a friend. In fact several Ziploc bags might come in handy for taking home tasty treats. Number two, if you take a child along, she should be dressed in bright colors so as to make her easily visible should she chance to get lost int he crowd. Thankfully our lost child was dressed in bright colors. (Having cell phone numbers for everyone in the party might also be wise...) And finally, the festival grounds are dirty! Don't wear good shoes and have something handy for cleaning the dust off your feet before climbing back into the car, in fact, an entire set of clean clothes might not be asking too much.


  1. what a friendly dragon fly! Looks like he's thanking you for saving him! :)

    ha...your feet are filthy! But you knew that...

    1. Those are actually Hannah's feet, but mine were just as dirty. I know why foot washing used to be popular!

  2. How funny is that dragonfly!!! dear...look absolutely glowing!
    So happy for you...and your son and his new family!
    Now...get that fairy dust off!
    I always put those little sparkly things on the table at Christmas...and we find them everything for weeks!
    Drives my boyfriend crazy!! tee hee hee!!

    Linda :o)

    1. It was bittersweet going home and leaving that sweet baby behind. Everything inside me wanted to cry... but I didn't. I'm gaining an understanding of what it is like to be a long-distance Grandma.

      Sparkles... They're just too much fun!

    2. glowing...maybe it was that half naked man doing the pottery. lol....

    3. Nonsense! (You are a funny one, Betsy.)
      I have pictures of him too. Stay tuned for a future post on pot throwing. :)

    4. I am sure it was difficult leaving him behind...for a while..:o)

    5. I meant...leaving him for a while...that perhaps you will see him again soon!
      Sometimes I get tongue-tied!

    6. He's an acquaintance of my son and an incredibly talented potter. I'd love to watch him again someday. :)