Friday, September 20, 2013

Minnesota 2

There were lots of fun things in Minne- sota, and one of them was catching up with blog friends. There is nothing quite like spending a little bit of time with "virtual" friends and making them "real".

On Tuesday Hannah and I went out with Kristina. She picked us up and we went to lunch at Psycho Suzi's. We sat out on the patio overlooking the river and talked over burgers and tater tots. Nothing crazy was going on that afternoon. They hadn't even lit the Tiki torches and everything was calm. We evidently missed Psycho Suzi. I didn't see her anywhere.

Kristina took us on a tour of downtown Minneapolis, skyways and all, and we took a walk through the sculpture park too. Since Hannah had been curious about the inside of the Cathedral of Saint Paul, we took a drive down there and walked around inside. What an incredible structure! It has to be the biggest church I've ever seen and is full of what I think are called "stations" with statues of various saints.

We'd hoped to tour the old Schmidt Bottling Company which is being converted into artisan's lofts, but unknown to us they'd changed the tour days to Mondays. So we snapped some outside pictures and went to McDonald's for a coffee instead. Back at Jim's we walked around the corner and found the door to the Casket Arts Community open and so we sneaked inside for a look around. Too bad I'd left my camera back at the apartment.

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