Monday, September 02, 2013

No Picnic

It was a quiet day. There were no parties or picnics, no fancy food or special activities. Instead we stayed home, and that was okay. I needed a "do-nothing" day at home and this was a good time for that. James and I pulled out some garden vegetable plants in preparation for winter, and I had a good heart to heart telephone conversation with one of my kids. Prayers would be appreciated for this one. God knows the need as well as the solution, so please just pray to that end.

Although it has now been over a week since her fall, Mom is still using her walker to get around the house. She is sleeping more and doing less, and yet her leg doesn't appear to have anything wrong with it. Her hip is scarcely bruised, her ankle is whole, and her toes aren't broken. I'd call the doctor back, but I really don't think there is anything they can do for her that isn't already being done.

I can hardly believe it's September again. Sweet September...


  1. Been thinking of Grandpa a lot these days. And that other sibling too. Love you. We had a nice quiet day at home today too. It was nice.

  2. Sounds like a good day. We had a nice surprise this morning. Our oldest daughter called last night and said she had the day off today and she'd like to come over about 8:30 AM and if it wasn't too much trouble...could I make a quiche. (She likes my quiche.) So we said sure, and this morning at 8:30, Michel, Julie and Myk were at my front door. We had a wonderful breakfast together, and it was so fun to just visit with our adult kids. Sorry Jill is in would have been nice to have her too. I didn't feel lonely today. I felt so full of joy and satisfied. They do surprise me once in a while.

    1. Wanda, that sounds absolutely wonderful! There is something incredibly special about adult kids, isn't there? What a blessing to have them together for breakfast. (Maybe next time they'll surprise you and bring Jill along.)

  3. What a lovely photo of the sunflowers...
    Is it yours?
    You will soon be seeing your new grandson...
    Hold onto that thought!
    Families are a very complicated thing, eh Martha?
    This I know....for sure....

    Linda :o)

  4. We had a quiet day at home, too. It was wonderful. :) The walker might just stay around forever now, don't you think? Or was that intended all along? It might be more of a security thing than a necessity after her fall. At least you won't have to worry. :)