Friday, September 20, 2013

Minnesota 3

On Thursday Kim came to get us and we went to Mill Ruins Park down by the Mississ- ippi River. (Kim kept a blog years ago but doesn't anymore. She is now a Facebook friend instead, but I still count her as a blog friend.)

We walked across the Stone Arch Bridge to the park on the other side and down SE Main Street looking for a place to eat.

 The three of us had lunch outside at Tugg's Tavern. Hannah chose the Cowboy Bob Burger with hash browns and bacon, and I had a chili dog. Kim had the Prince Street Chicken sandwich (I think). For dessert we all enjoyed a Banana Popsicle Split.

After lunch we walked back across the bridge and over to the Guthrie Theater where we were permitted to take the escalator to the observation deck overlooking the city.

We took the escalator to the fourth floor and then went up to the fifth floor where we looked out tinted windows that felt as though they might suck you outside if you got too close.

It was a beautiful day and I really liked meeting Kim and spending a little time with her. 

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