Friday, September 20, 2013

Minnesota 1

It's been almost a week since I came home and I'm feeling as though I've missed my best opportunity to write about my adventures. In spite of that, I am going to make an effort today because I don't want all of the fun to be lost in the sands of time.

The baby. My newest grandson was really the biggest incentive for getting me back to Minneapolis and we were not disappointed. He is absolutely beautiful. At five weeks old he was big enough to stare into our eyes and make faces at us, and small enough to snuggle close for a nap or two. His favorite spot is in the arms of someone who loves him and I can see recognition in his eyes when he looks at his mommy or daddy.

This small child has hair. My other grandchildren have been either bald or close to it. His eyes are dark blue, like most newborns. It will be interesting to see if this is our first brown-eyed grandbaby. All our "kids in law" have brown or brownish eyes, but our own have either blue or green. It already looks as though Michele has passed some pretty strong genes on to this little one so I'm thinking brown eyes are a great possibility.

The night before last I was sitting with James and heard a sound in the other room. For a split second I thought it was a baby crying... How quickly those little ones condition us to hear their cries, even when they are nowhere near. Maybe it's really all those years of being a mommy myself... or maybe I really miss that little guy and it's wishful thinking.

The next time we see this little guy he will be so different. He'll be much bigger and more alert. Smiles will be not only more purposeful, but likely much more prolific, and he will have learned to babble.  Hopefully so much time won't have elapsed that he will be walking... Nah! We couldn't let that happen.


  1. He is adorable Martha...
    I like that age as well...:o)
    Can't hardly remember Miss V being that small!
    Came home from the cottage...pouring rain...
    The roof is leaking!
    Right over our bed! What are the odds! ha!
    Enjoy your evening...

    Linda :o)

    1. It's pouring here too. I hope you have some good buckets to catch the rain!

  2. Replies
    1. Pray they find the resources to come home for Christmas.