Sunday, September 01, 2013

A Distant Thunder

The leaves outside are rustling and a cool wind is blowing through the open window. In the distance I hear thunder, and now the rain begins to fall... For some reason nighttime rain always takes me back to camping. Tonight I can smell the rain as it falls on the dry pavement outside. It comes down faster and harder, sounding like puddles forming. The thunder comes closer and there is a cat curled up on the footstool under my computer desk. The dog barks and paces the house as if tonight's rainstorm is an unusual occurrence. I never pick the right night to sleep out in Hannah's Place... Of course, I didn't really know it was going to rain either, and maybe I don't really want to sleep out in the rain. I might get wet!

One night many years ago we went camping with James' cousin Angel and her husband. We set up our tiny tents on top of a hill at Green Lakes State Park. After an evening around the campfire Angel and Ed settled down in the their pup tent, their two dogs tied outside, and we snuggled down inside our little tent with one small child. Jimmy was almost two. In the middle of the night a ferocious thunderstorm came along, with flashing lightening and pouring rain. It wasn't long before we were getting soaked. We grabbed our small son and made a mad dash for the car. It wasn't comfy, but at least it was dry. Not long after our exit, Angel and Ed came out of their tent and climbed into their car. It was the only time we ever camped together but we talked about it for years. Yeah, maybe staying in the house when it's pouring rain is a better idea.

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