Sunday, December 30, 2012


In the midst of yester- day's snow- storm, Hannah and I went down to Ironde- quoit Bay with a box of crackers for the birds. The parking lot hadn't been plowed. Not a high priority when there are roads to clear. I didn't dare to leave the set of tire tracks already crossing the snowy, boat launch parking lot, nor did I care to venture out into the snow in my everyday shoes, so we just rolled the car windows down and kept our feet dry instead.

There appeared to be a few geese, or maybe swans, out in the bay, but nothing more than a few seagulls flying overhead. I tossed a crunched up cracker which promptly disappeared into the fluff of snow covering the ground. The gulls were watching. Swooping down for a closer look, grabbing at whatever they could see, they somehow miraculously morphed into a great cloud of birds, all squawking and yelling, "Mine! Mine!"

In an effort to keep the food visible, I tossed a cracker onto the roof. Hannah, my ever able daughter, had the presence of mind to open the inside cover to the sunroof which gave us a new perspective on our hungry friends. If only the window didn't fog over so quickly.

It didn't take us more than a few minutes to all but empty four columns of crackers and the birds were nowhere near finished eating. They swooped and dived at bits and pieces in the snow with no care as to whether or not the others were fed.

I wanted a different kind of photograph and decided to be brave. I broke a cracker in half and held it out the window. Several birds flew by, eying the morsel but not quite daring to come so close. It wasn't long before one of the greedy gulls tested his own bravery and snatched the cracker from my finger tips.


  1. You are a brave soul. We lived in Santa Barbara for 6 years, in fact our youngest, Jill was born there and she's 42 today. But back to the story. We fed gulls for 6 years, and they are greedy and will swoop down and grab a piece of bread from your hand... scared our older daughter to death, and to this day she hates birds.

    1. I prefer the ducks, geese, and swans but the only birds available yesterday were the gulls. Yes, they can be nasty creatures. In fact, even the little birds at Mendon Ponds can be scary when they fly right toward you. Think I'll go there next. :)

  2. On the Florida beaches they're very they're very brassy. One bit my finger once to get me to drop a handful of crackers, and then the rest dove in quick to clean up the mess. They have it all planned out, I'm sure of it! I've witnessed them do this on more than 1 occasion. I watched them chase a screaming little girl once too. They were dive bombing her for her sandwich. She finally just dropped it and ran crying hysterically to her mother. I guess those southern gulls just aren't taught the same manners as our gulls. ;)

  3. Fabulous shots, Martha...
    We love to feed the seagulls at the cottage...
    But...not in Florida...they are crazy!!!!