Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thirteen Questions for Thursday Thirteen

There are times when life seems overwhelming. If it's not one thing keeping me awake at night, it's my mother. I had a call from the dermatologist's office this morning. My mother's claim for services is being denied. It is no surprise to us, only a frustration, the result of those who prey on widow's houses. Not the doctor's office, the insurance company. The kind woman on the other end of the line took the time to talk and listen to my woes. She suggested I call Jane which I did. Maybe one day all of this will be settled. For now I have a load of questions running through my brain. Here's a sampling... (and a photo of "the Stalker.")

1. Why can't I just work through these issues one at a time and set them aside as finished? (My brain is tired.)
2. Will they ever BE finished? No sooner do we wrap up one thing than another pops up.
3. Who will help us sort through everything? Maybe Jane will...
4. What kind of care does Mom really need?
5. Will her short term memory ever improve?
6. Can she really manage her own oxygen?
7. How do we fix her health insurance?
8. How do we catch up and keep up with all the different aspects of her finances? It can make my head spin!
9. Will she ever agree to moving out of her home? She can't stay there alone.
10. Where will she move to?
11. What will we do with the house?
12. Will I ever learn how to manage in this "foreign country"?
13. Where is the brake lever?

As I drove about running errands the other day I wished for a brake lever on life. Wouldn't it be nice to bring things to a screeching halt just for a moment or two?

PS. The kind woman on the other end of the phone is a childhood friend. Her call today may have been an answer to the prayers lifted last evening. I am grateful.


  1. Aww, Martha. Hugs to you from NJ. I love you and I love the way you are such a caring daughter. Your Daddy would be very, very proud of you. I am praying with you as you navigate this new territory and search for answers that aren't always quick to come or very easy.

  2. I hope Jane is a big help to you!

    I know what you mean about your brain being so full it can't think....some days it's worse than others!

    Where is the that question! :)

  3. Oh Lord, we all need a "break" and a "break handle"..... I hope the answered come soon for you. Aunt
    Trula, across the street is facing some same issues. Her children are in that stage of saying how long can mom live alone, should she stop driving. Will she agree to live with many questions. I feel for you and our cousins who are dealing with these hard, hard questions.
    Love you Martha.

  4. My brain honestly feels like mush. Cindy must've thought I was a lunatic when I called her back this afternoon. I needed a good cry at that point. When she said that we needed to get together and make some decisions, I was like, "ReallY?" We get together and talk all the time, and we are trying to make some decisions, but there are WAY too many to make. I feel like I'm getting lost now. Mom got a paper in the mail from MVP yesterday, and she wasn't sure how to fill it out, so she gladly gave it to me to take care of...I need to call them again. I sure do love her. I am praying for the wisdom I so desperately need, but don't have. We do need to sit down with her and talk about some things.

  5. Exodus 22:22-24... If you take consolation from those sorts of promises...