Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Full Plate

I'm pretty sure my plate is full. Though keeping up with everything is a challenge, I'm fairly certain there is a way even if I haven't quite discovered it yet. I suppose the best way to eat the elephant is one bite at a time. (I learned that from Priscilla...)

It's not Thursday yet, but I think it's close enough. Want to know what's on my plate? Probably not but maybe it will make me feel better anyway.

1. Tending my "flowers." (Emma is here this week.)
2. My mom and all that is involved in taking care of her (This is filling up a good portion of my plate.)
3. homeschooling (Yup, we still do that. I must send in Hannah's year end papers...)
4. My grandkids (Can't leave them out, they're yummy! And, it's important for Grammies to have some time set aside to love their little people.)
5. The yard and gardens (They are quickly getting out of control. I did some weeding Tuesday and cut some grass this afternoon.)
6. Blueberries (It's that time again. I did a little picking but I'm considering letting the birds have most of them this year.)
7. Sofie (She needs to be fed, pottied, bathed, and groomed.)
8. Groceries (We have to eat, even if it's just cereal.)
9. My house (Do you know houses do NOT clean themselves?)
10. Going places like church, Ladies' Prayer, and the nursing home (I need these things to help keep me going. It's like pouring more fuel in the gas tank.)
11. Having my dad's ashes buried (Until that is done, it still on my plate. Soon it will be accomplished.)
12. My kids (Yes, they are growing up, but they still require some love, help, and attention here and there.)
13. My husband (Sometimes he must think he's last on the list, but that really isn't so. I love having time to spend with him. I just wish there was more of it. Maybe one day soon we can escape together.)

So, today my darling daughter in law cleaned my van for me! That was her way of saying "thank you" and giving back a little bit because I babysit for her. She sure is sweet. :)


  1. You have blueberry bushes in your yard??? I would eventually like to have some at my place.

  2. They are scraggily looking bushes but the berries are good.

  3. I need more fuel in my tank! I know I'll be joining a Bible stud this fall but I wish I had one to go to now!

  4. Great list, and I could just taste that plate of foot.

  5. I am last on the list. :) Love ya Mart.

  6. Wanda, your comment made me smile because, although I know you meant to write "food," I'm sure my foot is in my mouth somewhere along the way too.

    James, you are not really last. You're just not yelling quite as loud as some of the others. And, I love you too.