Monday, July 05, 2010

Family Picnic

It did not feel quite like the Fourth of July, but we had a wonderful day with family just the same. We gathered at Rachel and Dave's so the kids could swim. There were no crazy bicycles, no pogo sticks, and no volley ball games, but there was plenty of food and family, lots of splashing in the pool, and a good game of Ladder Ball. I didn't count how many people were there, but my guess is about thirty. Maybe I'll count later and see how close I am.

There was a bit of excitement when Lucas was "pushed" into the pool. I wasn't there to witness it, but heard that Uncle Adam jumped in to fish him out. Jim had a chance to get acquainted with his new nephew, Simon, and Nathan brought Sabrina along too. It was a nice day, but I did miss my Uncle Chuck, who I hear spent the day in the hospital.

James and I left the festivities around 6 pm to take Ben and Hannah to camp for the week. They arrived late but settled in quickly. We are childless for a few days and not quite sure what to make of it. Sure is quiet around here!


  1. It was a fun day! I thought Uncle Chuck was home by the 4th. ??

    I think Nate and Sabrina are such a cute couple.

  2. Not to be rude, but don't make more flowers to decorate your house!

    Just totally enjoy the time you have alone to rediscover who you are as a couple. or to discover who you have become as a couple. as in two... not parents, not grandparents, but as a twosome. just saying....
    it will sustain you in the trials to come..
    love you,

  3. "Make more flowers..." I am a little slow, but finally managed to understand. :P You are funny, aren't you? For a minute I was thinking about my real gardens. I am "flower" free this week.

    We are enjoying our time. Thanks.

  4. Very precious that first one. A first 4th of July for the little one!

    You have such a great family Martha, thanks for letting me share them.

  5. BTW ABC Wednesday goes in rounds. So a new round will start soon. Would you like to join in?

  6. Wanda, I just might do that.