Sunday, July 18, 2010

National Ice Cream Day

It was a great day to celebrate a birthday and today was Hannah's. She turned fifteen on National Ice Cream Day! To commemorate the occasion, we served brownie sundaes. As I have mentioned before, my children rarely opt to eat cake on their birthdays. We are more likely to enjoy pie, strawberry shortcake, cherry cheesecake, or brownie sundaes instead.

It was a beautiful afternoon; cool breeze, bright sunshine, and comfortable temperatures. We ate out on the back porch and swatted at the flies who insisted on joining the festivities. The picnic table was covered with a brightly colored tablecloth. We set up extra chairs and enjoyed the great outdoors. Josh likes the little wicker rocking chair I picked up at the Pultneyville Homecoming Days yesterday afternoon.

Dave and Leta brought my mom along and, after taking a short nap with her head on the picnic table, she was ready to join in the fun. She hasn't been out to our house in quite a while so it was especially nice to have her here.

Nathan brought Sabrina along. (If you enlarge the photo you might be able to see the pretty little ring she's wearing on her finger...) I must say, I did enjoy my afternoon. Maybe I'll even plan another family gathering or two before the summer is over.


  1. What a great way to celebrate a birthday, National Ice Cream Day and Family. You have such an adorable your son's smile!

  2. Nice ring! :)

    Happy Birthday to Hannah...lovely haired girl! :)

    We do the same...favorite desserts instead of cake. Although The Mister always asks for chocolate cake. :)

  3. PS ~ your blueberry header is just gorgeous!

  4. Happy Birthday Hannah Banana!!! I believe I met Hannah when she was 3months old:-) She has grown quite a bit since then, but still has that same little face;-) Love, love the newly engaged Nathan's smile!!

  5. Congratulations to birthday girls and newly engaged couple.

  6. Happy Birthday, Hannah! It was the perfect day yesterday for brownie sundaes. Sounds yummy!
    Nathan looks extremely happy. :)