Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boys and Their Toys

We did not get to visit Uncle Chuck yesterday. Aunt Mary caught us at Mom's house and said he wasn't feeling well. She was taking him back to the doctor again with the hope of avoiding a third hospital stay. I'm afraid his will be a long and arduous recovery.

Bethany had been called in to work at the "cute little diner" and so I had Josh with me. He and Lucas ventured out into Grandma's backyard with Uncle Jim and found Lukie's little pool full of water. It was still hot and muggy and the boys found the water irresistible. They either climbed in fully clothed or did enough splashing to soak themselves. Even Josh's sandals were wet.

Lucas also has a very cool tractor that was given him by one of the neighbors. The boys had fun playing with it and Lucas even gave Josh a ride. What a great toy! It's almost as much fun a a grown up tractor!


  1. As hot as it's been, I would have sat down in that baby pool myself! ha.

    That is the neatest tractor! Oh my...I can tell they are really enjoying it. So cute.

    Hope your uncle gets the best care...that is so tough!

  2. Hi Martha ~~ What cuties. It was hot here today, the boys put water in my spay bottles and enjoyed spraying each other.

    Then a few minutes later, it started to sprinkle, and we had a short rain.....Is this July??

    Love that tractor, what little boy wouldn't love it.

  3. My kiddos have definitely been enjoying the pool this summer...been sooo hot. Cute pic of the boys playing with the tractor. My guys would be more apt to push each other off than to push each other around. LOL Been a long time since I've popped in here...nice to catch up a bit on what you and your family has been up too. Everyone is still just as cute as ever. :)

  4. Hi Vicki! Where have you been hiding?