Thursday, July 29, 2010

100 Delicious

For several years I have had a second blog. It began as a place to connect with family, but Facebook does a pretty good job of that, and so I decided to do an overhaul and turn it into something else instead.

I am starting the gluten-free journey once again. 100 Delicious seems the perfect place to post recipes and, hopefully, find some encouragement in the quest. Though I have not been diagnosed as gluten intolerant, I do notice the impact it has on my tummy. It tends to be round and bulgy and always has been. Since it doesn't normally hurt, giving up gluten is somewhat of a challenge. I keep vacillating...

I am blessed with a local grocery store that marks its own gluten-free products and also has a small gluten-free section in its natural foods section. I like cereals like Chex and Cream of Rice, and have found that Nature Valley has some rather tasty gluten-free Nut Crunch Bars. Of course, there are always salads and vegetables too. Here I go again.

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