Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blogger Presents

Two years ago, on my way to pick up Hannah from camp, I stopped to meet and visit my blog friends, Apple and her sister, Country Girl. We had dinner together and Apple sent me home with two little Bee Balm plants, one of them a red Oswego Tea. This spring I decided to "weed out" a bunch of my garden plants. The little area was wildly overgrown, so with the help of my son, most of the plants were cut back, covered with cardboard, and topped off with a layer of mulch. My Bee Balm (red, pink, and purple) was spared the wiles of the weed whacker and now bring some life and color to the otherwise barren landscape. I'm thinking I kind of like just ferns and bee balm. (Yes, and cats too.)


  1. I thought it looked nice last night when I was over.

  2. What a lovely color! What a fun way to remember a friend.

  3. Been so busy with VBS haven't had a chance to comment much.

    Love your splashes of color. How refreshing.