Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sinus of Spring

Although slow to arrive, spring is on its way. My allergies said so. I have been trying to remember my medications and drink plenty of fluids, but for all the effort I still feel the dull ache in my sinus. I must not forget the decongestant during the next month or so.

It was a gorgeous morning, warm and sunny, with no cold lake wind. My headache put me on the couch this afternoon so I'm glad I had a chance to go out early in the day. I had a nice phone call from a far-away friend and a short nap while Troy slept. This evening the cold has returned and I will likely head out to Wegman's to replenish the supplies in my kitchen cabinets so I can stay home tomorrow. (Maybe I'll work on those puzzles I started back in January...)
Please continue to keep my friends and their daughter in your prayers. She started chemo on Saturday and will have a minimum of 4 months treatment. Her brother is arriving from Japan this evening (he's in the Marines) and Michelle will be taking time off work as a nurse practitioner to be with Paige at the hospital. If anyone has any good ideas of ways to help or bits of wisdom for me, please send them this way. We are more than acquaintances of the family, but not necessarily all that close. (Although in her years as an OB nurse Michelle did almost deliver one of my children and she could always tell when my allergies were kicking up.) We attended the same church for many years, spent some time together as friends, and have had some heart to heart talks. I guess you could say the years have distanced us. I've never had a family member need an extended hospital stay so I'm looking for advice on how to be an encouragement without getting in the way.


  1. I was blessed by this note left on Facebook for Paige by an old friend. (He's 18. Not really old at all.)

    "Paige, seems like its been forever since I've been in NY and yet at the same time like it was yesterday that we were little kids and friends. Know that I'm praying for you and God is faithful. Isaiah 41:10 (KJV) "Have no fear for I [God] am with you, be not afraid for I am your God. I will strengthen you and give you help, yea I will uphold you with my victorious right hand."

  2. I don't have any good advice except ask God to show you and to use you. I rememeber when #2 was in the NICU. One day a friend just showed up precisely when I needed it. I trust the Holy Spirit led her there.

    My sinuses are most miserable in the fall. I do feel for you. About a month ago I had four hideous days thanks to the pressure changes. I pray you get relief promptly.

  3. First, I love your title! But sorry it has to be so bothersome for you. (My turn comes in the fall.)

    As far as helping your friends (praying), maybe a "caregiver bag" would be appreciated. When my husband was last in the hospital, a good friend gave me a small zippered bag full of various energy bars, fruit bars, etc., and a filled coin purse to use at the vending machines. I really appreciated it those times I didn't want to leave the room to eat in case I'd miss when the doctor came.

  4. Well, with my Dad, I would have to say just kind notes and telling her that you are praying for her. I don't have much other wise wisdom, but just let her know that you care. Even though we went to the same church not as long as you I feel "close" to Paige too. She'll get through it (I know she will)!

  5. I would write them a card now and then and let them know that you are praying. That will mean a lot to them. You could also offer a meal.
    That's what I do in a case like that.
    Martha, you will not believe this. We have snow on the ground this morning!! I am also waiting eagerly for leaves!!! But the trees are budding. Yeah. It can't be long. lol

  6. Gudl, "Higher elevations" get the snow late in the year, but it never sticks around long. I can't believe they're calling for temps in the 80's this weekend!

    I mailed a card out this afternoon and put a couple gift cards inside. They can be used by anyone and will help if someone just wants to get out of the hospital for a short break, even Steph or Ryan.

    Beth, we always felt bad that we didn't do more for your mom and dad. Sometimes it's just so hard to know what is enough and what is too much. I'm blessed the Lord gave us an opportunity to pray with him the night before he went home to be with Jesus.

  7. You guys did plenty Mrs. T. :) Truthfully I don't think many people knew what to do, but the kind things that everyone did was great (I LVOED the pizza's from you guys!!!!!!!). :) I don't remember when you guys came to pray, but I'm sure it was a blessing to my Mom and Dad. :)

  8. I forgot about the pizzas. :)