Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Snowy Day and More Cobblestones

That's right, we woke up to snow this morning. Not surprising here in western NY, but distressing just the same. It won't stick around long and maybe by next week, during spring break, we'll be enjoying sunshine and walks in the park. We can always hope so.

After visiting the eye doctor this morning we stopped at the public library. I found a book, Cobblestone Quest, to help me in my study of Cobblestone houses. Although there are a few scattered across the United States, 90%, are within 65 miles of Rochester, NY. This is The Maxwell Creek Carriage House which serves as a Bed and Breakfast. I'll have to look for it next time I drive that direction. (The photo is from their website.)
The book I borrowed doesn't give much information on the homes and buildings, just general information on construction. What it does do is take the reader on several mini tours. The tour closest to my house takes me past 25 cobblestone structures including those I posted yesterday and this one here. Built in 1839, it was originally the First Methodist Church of Williamson. The datestone identifies it as "Ridge Chapel". When the weather perks up I think I'll set off on a tour or two and take my camera along. Sounds like a great homeschool field trip!


  1. Interesting close-up. I love old buildings.

  2. Wow... now I can't remember when it came up in our studies, but my oldest and I studied cobblestones for something. They are fascinating.

    Does their proximity to Rochester have to do with Lake Ontario?

  3. It has a lot to do with Lake Ontario as it provided the area with an abundance of smooth round stones. No one really knows who built the first cobblestone house or who the other masons were. It's thought by some they were masons who worked on the Erie Canal but many of the home predate work on the canal and the majority of canal masons worked east of Syracuse not in the Rochester area. It's also thought that farmers built their own homes and helped with the homes of family memebers.

  4. Hi Martha,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments.

    I will return later to explore your blog, it looks interesting!


  5. If you do enough research, I will start to gather stones from the lake and we can build one :).