Monday, April 20, 2009

It Was Loaded

Early last week my washing machine decided to stop working. I figured it probably had a bad belt or something relatively simple like that, but no. Apparently this particular model doesn't have a belt, it has a "gearbox" instead. My Darling says it is not an inexpensive fix. Even a belt would not have been simple in this case. In order to get to the machine it must be removed from the bathroom, and in order to remove the machine from the bathroom, the bathroom sink must be taken out and the dryer also. To top it off, somehow, in less than a week's time, each and every (okay, not quite but almost) towel in my bathroom cupboard has ended up hanging on a hook or over a cupbord door somewhere in the upstairs bathroom. There are only four people living in my house, we had one overnight guest on Thursday, and one towel to dry hands on. That makes six towels, yes? Then why do I have a dozen or more in need of laundering? Since no one is confessing I am supposing that somehow towels come to life in the dark of night, haul themselves off the shelf and out of the cabinet, and then manage to hang themselves up all without my knowledge. Luckily, I have a plan. Somewhere I will aquire a large plastic bucket with a tight fitting lid in which to store my many extra clean towels. I'm fairly certain towels cannot free themselves from within a bucket with the lid snapped tightly in place. If plan #1 fails, I have a backup plan. Turn them into cleaning cloths and dust rags. That should teach them!


  1. We dragged our wash up to town, put it through the machines up there, and hauled it back home again to dry. I think it might take all day to get it dried in my dryer. No hanging it outside today.

  2. LOL! You could store them under your bed... :)
    Dole them out, make a sign out sheet for towels. :)
    prayers are said for friends.

  3. :(
    That whole move this to get to that makes me want to cry for you.

    I know Perinton is a long way, but you are more than welcome to do laundry here anytime you want. I have a HUGE wash machine! [And I offer it to anyone who wants to use it!]

  4. I already offered you mine... And I washed all mine laundry last night, so it's freed up. And feel especially free to use it next week.

  5. You are more than welcome to do your laundry here too. Twenty minutes isn't that far, and visiting is always nice.

  6. Thank you for the generous offers, but washing up in town gets the job done rather quickly and I guess there is a plus in that. Soon the sun will shine warm and hot and we'll hang it on the line to dry partially. Or, we'll get a different machine. :)

  7. OH dear... Rosy on another blog had a clogged toilet and got all her towels wet. Now you have a washer problems. Life sure gets in the way sometimes doesn't it.

    Speaking of having to remove the sink to get the washer out reminded me of our Dodge Stratus that you have to take the right tire off to change the battery!!

    Sometimes nothing seems easy!

    Hope you have dry towels tonight!