Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bursting Forth

The world is turning green again. A little warm weather can go a long way when it comes to dressing the trees. Each day brings a little more color to this part of the world and a little more promise of summer. The leaves are making their appearance and it is grand! You can't see the green in these photos but it's there, a little greener today than than it was on Friday when Alysa and I took our walk.

I haven't talked to Beth or Adam today but James did talk to her this morning. Adam has four staples in his head and Bethany has 33 stitches in her arm. Her arm was against the glass when the car rolled and the windows broke. To complicate matters, they were having trouble with their bank account and rental car company making Adam feel almost like buying tickets and flying back home. James told Beth they needed to find somewhere to rest before making any big decisions. Adam's dad was also trying to find a way to help them out. Right now I'm thinking no news is good news and praying things go good from here on out and that they have a great time together in spite of the rough start.


  1. It could have been much worse I'm sure, but it sounds awful, staples and stitches... rental cars....etc.

    I'm praying the rest of the trip will turn out really nice for them.

    Sending prayers.


  2. Oh my goodness!! 33 stiches and 4 staples?!! That is more than just 'a little' accident!! I hope they are not in pain. ... I will pray for them, too!

  3. Oh my that is alot of stiches. I'm praying for a speedy recovery.

  4. Wow! They are real troopers. I think I would have come home sobbing.

  5. Wow poor Beth and Adam!!God kept bringing them to my mind this week,I thought it was just because they were on a trip and I was wondering if they were having a good time.I am soooo glad that God brought them through it safely.Although 33 stitches and 4 staples must not have felt good.I hope they can still have a little bit of a nice time together.What a trip.