Monday, April 27, 2009

One Shoe Off...

Josh is doing his best to look as though he was also in a car accident. On Saturday he tripped over his own feet and bumped the bridge of his nose on a toy building. Today he has a bump on the top of his forehead. I'm not quite sure where it came from, although he did fall over on his way to bring me a clean diaper. He cried then but I didn't see a mark until after he turned the treadmill on and tossed himself over the edge. (We try to keep it turned off and unplugged...) He knows how to open the back door and I am happy to say that before he sneaks off on me he is quite likely to tumble down the steps and set off howling. (We are keeping the door locked...) He also thought riding Ben's scooter would be a great idea. So far, so good...

I called Bethany this morning. They are in Nashville now and have a rental car for the week. They will fly home sometime Saturday and probably get a new car when they get back. The other vehicle still has to be evaluated by the insurance company but they are pretty sure it is a total loss. We are just blessed that they are okay. Cars can be replaced but they can't.


  1. He is having so much fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house...I like the grass stain on the left boy! Praising God concerning this whole ordeal..Wheeeeew! Good that Josh is young, and REALLY doesn't care about what's going on with mom & dad...know what I mean:):)

  2. At times like these isn't it wonderful to have the Lord to surround us with perfect peace?

    And even in troubled times I notice you still have praised the Lord for His graciousness.

  3. I'm sure Josh is having a great visit with you guys this spite of his bumps and bruises. :)

  4. ;D, Grands are such fun! But they make your hair gray. Know what? I don't even care. ;)

  5. What a darling picture of Josh. He is ALL boy isn't he....

    Can count all the bumps and bruises my kids had at that age... goes with the territory I guess.

    Glad the kids are doing well, and hope they can find a really good deal on a new car.


  6. Josh is cracking me up. He is one mishap after another:)

    I have thought of Bethany and Adam so much and just rejoice that they are both fine. I just watched a segment on cars that rollover in accidents and how they hold up or don't. I think their car held up pretty good to have kept them safe and sound.

  7. Sounds like I should've thought twice about leaving Josh with you guys, with all those hazards. But I am sure glad I didn't!!! Praise the LORD! We're doing good, but I think a week is long enough, and I'd be glad to come home tonight if I could.

    Greetings to you all from the hotel lobby. Thanks for the prayers, we sure needed them this week!! God bless.