Saturday, April 04, 2009

Eating Out and Moving Day

Last night James and I finally made our way down to Canandaigua to eat at the Rheinblick German Restaurant. In spite of the rainy weather we had a very nice evening together. After a quick hug from the hostess we were shown to our table by the lovely Miss M. It is so hard to decide what to order when dining out. After much deliberation I chose the Kassler Rippchen (otherwise known as pork chops and sauerkraut) and James the Wiener Schnitzel. Mmmmm, yummy! We almost left without dessert but when the smiling hostess came out to show us the choices, we couldn't resist; Heidi’s K√§sekuchen and Linzer Torte. A wonderful evening in a beautiful place. Thank you, Gudl!

Today we are once again downsizing our family. Where have the years gone? Could it really be almost ten years since we dropped our eldest son off at college? We have watched our collection of children dwindle from seven down to three, and now two. Nathan has packed up his things and moved into an apartment with his buddies, Max, Roman, and Matt. It is a nice place not too far from church and these are good guys. I'm sure they will be fine as they face new challanges in the days to come. More prayers rising heavenward and a little less laundry for me... uh, maybe.


  1. To be close enough to eat at Gudl's restrurant would be just heavenly.....!!

    Wonder if I will ever in this lifetime get to NY.

    LOL: Wanda

    PS Yes, that is my new theme song.

  2. Ohhhhh, no I know where your handsome boy went. I'm sorry Martha. I know that on the one hand you are happy for Nat to grow up, but on the other you will miss having such a full house. Don't worry, I have a feeling that instead of having fewer at the house you might end up with MORE! Ha! We'll see

  3. Martha,
    Thanks so much for leaving a supportive comment on my blog so I could find your uplifting blog.

  4. Martha, it was so nice seeing you again!
    And I am with Ann, your house will get fuller instead of empty!! It has already begun (haha).
    But I know what you mean... 'You have to let them go if you want them to come back". ...
    Have a great Sunday! The sun is shining here. But we have a hint of snow.

  5. I don't have anymore email addresses at this time..but I would be very appreciative if some special person could wish another very special person a Happy Healthy incredible birthday year..It was a super wonderful day that your husband and father of your beautiful children, was born..that many years ago in far off Japan..The very best to he..who is one amazing man..

  6. LOL - I like that last sentence. Martha, soon your house will be filled with grandchildren. It is amazing how time keeps moving on...

  7. PS. I want to eat there when we are in town.