Saturday, April 11, 2009

She Was Bookin'!

It's finally finished. Mom will be happy tomorrow and she will spend hours this next week pouring over the pages of her new book. I hope she likes it. Although it's not perfect (I found way too many typos), it's still a satisfying project. A year's worth of blogging bound into one book. If I spent more time making books I might be able to work out the mistakes I make in putting them together but the finished products always make me smile just the same. At this year's library sale I will be looking for old books to dismantle and make into new books. The covers are recyclable!
In the past I've made recipe books for my kids and sisters. I gathered old family recipes and all- time favorites and put them together into one great little collection called "The Over-Used Recipe Book". They made wonderful gifts. Last month Hannah and I bound small autograph sized books for her friend's birthday and I'm thinking about possibly putting together a little devotional book with all my "scripture ponderings". It will be a good way for me to remember how much the Lord has taught me over the past few years. He is good!

Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday and also my dad's birthday. I made him an apricot upside down cake and we will be having the whole family here for dinner and I'm looking forward to it.

Have a blessed day!


  1. Made with love and will be received with love and appreciation.

    Have a wonderful day with your dad, mother and family.


  2. That does look like a great gift for your Mom!