Thursday, May 03, 2018

Feeling Blond

Getting braver lately. Ha ha!

Since I work mostly inside there is little chance my hair will be lightened by the love of sunshine this year. I weighed the options, then took a brave and fearless step forward. I asked my favorite hairdresser about doing highlights. I'm not quite sure it makes me a "bottle blond" but it it does make blonder than I was yesterday. (I like it.) No picture tonight. Sorry to disappoint you.

The weeks roll along and blur together lately. At the rate I'm going old age will be here before I have time to dust off my rocking chair... which reminds me of my Uncle Chuck quoting me poetry. (here) Tomorrow is Friday already. I think this weekend is already booked, and next weekend is filling up fast too.

Flowers from the back yard yesterday afternoon...


  1. ...there just aren't enough days in the week!

    1. There aren't enough days in the weekend either! Ha ha!