Saturday, May 12, 2018

A Date With My Daughter

Last Sunday after church I found a note in my Facebook messages. It was a personal invitation to the First Annual Finger Lakes Pottery Tour near Ithaca, NY. It was relatively short notice on a busy kind of weekend, but I didn't have any plans for Saturday. After thinking about it for a few days, I shot my eldest daughter a message of my own. I sent a copy of the invite while admitting that she was probably already busy... I was pleasantly surprised when she accepted my offer of a day trip.

Trumansburg is about  2 hours away. We'd hoped for a bright sunny day for our outing, but we got a gray and dreary day instead. On top of that it was cold and we hadn't bothered to wear warm jackets. Refusing to allow rain and chills to dampen our spirits, we determined to enjoy our day together. And we did. Thoroughly.

We found our potter friend dressed for the weather and smiling. Although she'd sent the invitation, she was still surprised to see us there. Once upon a time, more than 20 years ago, she was my daughter's best friend. Not only were they friends as little girls, but they share the exact same birthday. It was so fun to witness their reunion.

We mulled over the pottery, mostly hers, and each of us chose a mug as a treasure to take home. We planned to buy one for each other, but Hannah had a different plan. "I'd like to gift them to you," she said. We were speechless for a second, but in the end we accepted her kind offer, and then picked out something else to buy ourselves.

It was a beautiful day in spite of the weather. Not only did Bethany reconnect with her old friend, but I saw two of my friends from the pottery studio, and we stopped to look at a waterfall or two before heading back through "Barn Heaven" toward home.

I hope we can go back again one day this summer when the weather is warm and sunny so we can meander about some more. 


  1. Aww, what a special day! So glad you two could do that together. <3

  2. ...a special area to spend the day with a special person, Happy Mother's Day!