Saturday, May 26, 2018

Bits and Pieces

The weeks fly by...

* I'm going bananas at work. There are way too many of them. They're ripening before the kids eat them, and I can only make so many batches of banana bread. (We're out of flour... and freezer space.) There was half a case left yesterday and more bananas will arrive on Tuesday, so I brought a dozen home. Maybe we'll have banana bread here.

* I went to the pottery studio Thursday evening and found my friend Ginger from my winter class. She was there last Thursday too. A smiling face and words of encouragement mean so much. I thought maybe we could encourage each other. This week I trimmed two bowls, glazed two bowls, and brought two bowls home. The fluted one has an "S" crack on the bottom but it's pretty as long as it isn't turned over. One day I'll buy a Dremel tool and some grinding bits to soften sharp edges.

* Mornings have been gorgeous this week. It's a lovely time of year and I am tempted to stop for photos along the way to work... Mostly I soak in every bit of beauty I see and tuck it away in my mind instead. Occasionally I grab a photo on my way to the car. Yes, I even love the water tanks. They're old friends.

* Speaking of old friends, I learned someone close to me, who always believed he had dual citizenship, may not be an American after all. It appears US military bases are not "American soil" and his report of birth abroad does not have the raised seal of the American Consulate. I'm not sure how one can live an entire lifetime never being made aware of this, but I'm sure he's not alone in the quandary. A recent passport application revealed his paperwork wasn't in order. That's cool. (Not.) Now he's suddenly a Canadian without a Canadian birth certificate in hand, and maybe an illegal alien? Life is full of surprises.

* I'm having a lazy morning. Still in bed but needing to get up and get the day started. This is a rare luxury in a presently busy life so I'm soaking it in a little.



  1. ...lots of things are pretty as long as they aren't turned over.

  2. Tom’s words.
    About your close friend...what a shock. there threat of deportation? Crazy!